We live in an extraordinary time. Our thinking styles are severing us from our families, our religions, our ideologies, and nature. We are caught up in a pace of social and technological change that makes our work, businesses, and education sources of anxiety and unfulfillment. At the same time, thinking about our thinking and observing our observations can bring us a new world in which work becomes a place for innovation, and in which peace, wisdom, friendship, companionship, and community can exist. Let us design this world together. Quote —Fernando Flores

The Elder


Follow Samuel Block as he turns 65. He sees a future of decline, dependence and isolation—until he meets a group of Elders whose totally new perspective on aging transform his experience of growing older. Read THE ELDER and learn how you too can have the rest of your life be the best of your life!  more >

Eldering Principles

Eldering is the new conversation about aging...a conversation that creates the possibility of having the rest of our lives be more rewarding and fulfilling than we can imagine. Begin to experience the riches of growing older. Start with the 6 foundational principles that today's Elders practice in their listening and speaking.  more >



Through our partners, we offer a variety of one to three-day workshops in the U.S. and Canada for individuals or organizations. Check out our offerings and then contact us about customizing a workshop for your group or organization or about bringing one of our standard programs to your city in 2011.  more >

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