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Shae Hadden is committed to multigenerational collaboration towards peace, sustainability, and the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. Since 2007, she has been developing strategies and designing programs to encourage purpose, mastery and contribution in later life. In her view, everyone has the potential to be a leader—at any age—and the epitome of leadership is being ‘wisdom in action’ (sharing the best of who we are and what we know in a way that empowers others). Her first book, The Blue Pearl: Getting the Most from Coaching, was hailed by Marshall Goldsmith as "THE book on the transformative power of coaching". Shae currently helps coaches and leadership development consultants articulate their ideas and create the books, blogs, and articles they don't have time to write. 



Jim is CEO of Paracomm Partners International, a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, a Huffington Post blogger, and principal contributor to the Serene Ambition blog. He has been instrumental in building new theory and practical techniques in the field of management (including the concepts of “organizational transformation”, “coaching”, “the Merlin method for designing the future”, “breakthroughs” and “breakdowns”) and in introducing new approaches to producing broad “paradigm shifts”. Jim was privileged to work in education and research with some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of transformation and management, including Fernando Flores, Warren Bennis, Peter Senge, Richard Pascal, Werner Erhard and Ken Blanchard among others. In 2006, he was involved in a groundbreaking coaching conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Forty-three key thought leaders from 14 nations gathered to discuss the current challenges facing the coaching industry and to invent new possibilities for moving the profession forward. In early 2008, Jim participated with 22 other transformational leaders and officials in the United Nations to begin a dialogue to distinguish the emerging paradigm and how transformational leadership principles might offer a breakthrough in empowering developing nations and assisting leaders in those countries to undertake full-spectrum responses to their most pressing issues and intractable problems.

Jim is a former member of the California Commission on Aging, a past director of the Breakthrough Foundation, a founder of Growing Older (a non-profit for seniors’ education) and a Founding Member of the Legacy XXI Institute



Dr. Marc Cooper's professional career includes experience as a private practice periodontist, academician, researcher, teacher, consultant, coach, trainer, seminar director, board director, author, entrepreneur and inventor. He has studied with masters in many disciplines, participated in formal business educational programs, worked as an independent contractor with top-flight consulting companies, and developed a suite of online business assessment tools. Dr. Cooper's client experience includes solo private practices, healthcare entities, large hospital systems, Silicon Valley start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies. He currently works with clients throughout North America and with a few select clients in Europe and Dubai through The Mastery Company. Marc is the author of five successful books:

  • Mastering the Business of Practice
  • Partnerships in Dental Practice: Why Some Succeed and Why Some Fail
  • Running on Empty: Questions Dentists Have about the Recession
  • SOURCE: The Genesis of Success in Business and Life
  • VALUOCITY: A Fable for Dentists.


shae hadden


Andrew Mackey is committed to transforming how we relate to each other and the planet in ways that reflect an awareness and understanding of our interdependence and our shared experience of life. Since 1978, he has managed a successful training and community relations business specializing in coaching executives and managers in aboriginal, private sector, government and NGO organizations. Andrew has been the executive producer of television programs, led strategic planning programs and facilitated hundreds of workshops, conferences and training programs. He has led transformational workshops for men and won awards for his consulting work, including one for a public consultation program from Environment Canada. Andrew understands that everyone can achieve self-actualization—at any age—if they walk with others on the same path.


Chris Creamer, President of Sahalie Press, a division of the Mastery Company, led the publication team for THE ELDER, and created the book's website ( His interest in Eldering was piqued by the story line and research required for character development. Chris guided the book editing process and managed its publication. His mastery of communications, including social networks, online surveys and workshop materials, has contributed to promotions surrounding this soon to be released publication, as well as to the Older to Elder program. 


Sharon has consulted with organizations in the U.S., Europe and Japan for the past 25 years in the areas of change management and leadership and organizational development, and has conducted multi-year transformational programs inside such organizations as Intel, Nordstrom, Fisher Companies, and the Weyerhaeuser Company. She has supported effective change not only in the boardrooms of corporations and institutions, but also in the assembly halls of rural villages in the developing world. Over the past four years, she has consulted within the United Nations system. She has worked in Africa, Papua New Guinea, and the Caribbean countries with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with her most satisfying work being the design and facilitation of a Coaching Capacity Development Program inside the UNDP’s HIV/AIDS Group. These programs in Ethiopia, South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, and countries of the Caribbea varied in length from 3 months to 3 years. They have provided a platform for beginning to develop hundreds of South-based facilitator/coaches and have been expanded to all development issues.


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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
—Eleanor Roosevelt

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