Overview of Eldering Programs

Eldering focuses on rethinking our relationships and our place in society, on creating purpose and meaning, and discovering where we can be of service.

Our Eldering programs focus on creating new stories about what is possible for us at any age and what it means to grow older. Through guided explorations and authentic conversations, participants focus on building relationships across generations and collectively creating a future that works for everyone—young and old alike—a world in which everyone can experience being heard, recognized as having something important to contribute, and valued for who they are. People of any age use our powerful communication tools to share their wisdom with others and make a difference in the world…one conversation at a time.

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OLDER TO ELDER: A New Vision for Aging

This program creates a totally new context and approach to aging. By participating, you will eliminate the deep-seated fear and concerns related to growing old. The program opens up new possibilities of aging, where wisdom, serenity, balance, self-knowledge—the fruits of life experience—are held as rewards of aging. By embracing these rewards, the ability to access the world of timelessness, spirit and eternal truths becomes readily available to you. more >

In Canada, this program is offered by New Leaf Communications. For more information, email Shae Hadden. 

In the US, this program is offered by The Mastery Company. For more information, email Chris Creamer.


A three-day program for developing emerging leaders

This program is for organizations committed to developing promising executives and managers as responsible ‘servant leaders’. To maximize the learning experience for participants, it is recommended that companies register at least one senior executive for every two ‘emerging leaders’. The curriculum moves beyond mentoring (which is usually unstructured or based on transferring information and ‘tips’) to engage senior leaders in transferring their perspectives, insights and competencies—the best of ‘who they are’—to their younger colleagues through coaching and collaboration. This program is offered by Paracomm Partners Internationalmore >


A one-day program towards clarifying your purpose

This one-day workshop will help you begin to get clear about your life direction, and provide you with tools and knowledge to make conscious life choices. The program, based on 20 years of research and practice, was developed by Richard Leider, ranked by Forbes as one of the world's top coaches. This program is offered by New Leaf Communicationsmore >


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“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

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