Older to Elder

A New Vision for Aging

Looking at yourself in the mirror in unguarded moments, you realize you are growing older. Feelings of loneliness and vulnerability descend. Fears of becoming a geriatric case bubble up. You envision yourself following the predictable pattern (retirement, painful physical decline, a rocking chair existence in a nursing home, and the eventual dark and inevitable end to your life).

You react. You throw yourself headlong into your public, private and professional life. Now you are completely occupied, fully scheduled, your presence absolutely required, with no time for yourself. Yet beneath the surface, when you are by yourself and all alone, something still stirs in your depths about aging that leaves you anxious.

No matter how hectic you make your life, you just can't shake the feeling that old age means wrinkled skin and chronic disease. But how can this be avoided when you are constantly pressed flat against our youth-oriented culture where aerobically perfect bodies and lifestyles are life's greatest achievements...which forces you to focus obsessively on the physical diminishments that come with old age.

According to traditional models of life span development, you ascend the ladder of your career, you reach the zenith of your success and influence in the latter part of midlife. And then you give way to an inevitable decline that culminates in weak, often impoverished, old age.

The OLDER TO ELDER program creates a totally new context and approach to aging. Open up new possibilities of aging where wisdom, serenity, balance and self-knowledge are the rewards of growing older. Embrace these rewards and access the world of timelessness, spirit and eternal truths that are readily available to you.

This program is limited to 25 couples. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information about the next offering of this program, email Chris Creamer.



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