ELDERING: Creating Mastery & Purpose in Later Life

"At the practical level, the Eldering workshop showed me a way of listening to my adult children (and my 90-year-old mother) that creates space for us to move beyond 'differences' that blocked our communication in the past. I am now listening for who they are and sharing my wisdom with them in an open, loving way (and with my clients, many of whom are younger than me). I took the workshop a couple of weeks ago, and it has already positively influenced several relationships where I was having difficulties.
The workshop has also has given me a new way of stepping 'outside of the box' when it comes to relating to time (past, present, future) and designing whatever time I do have left. Letting go of the past may not be as easy as it first appears...especially when I've worked so hard and been successful with multiple careers. But hanging on to those past successes can limit getting what I want next. And dwelling in fear about the future can be a mistake also. Getting older isn't 'the end'. So I've taken time to design the future I want to live into, and it's filled with passion, a purpose that uses my unique talents and experience, and opportunities to share my wisdom with other younger people...."
—Lilly Page, Image Consultant and former Opera Singer and Business Manager, www.flairimage.ca

"It's interesting to be at the edge of a movement.....and in this case not realizing the impact of our participation or lack of participation. I'm a Baby Boomer who wants to know how my choices in this new chapter will impact my life and the life of those around me. I want to use my wisdom and be respected for the value I bring. I want to be a powerful listener and participator. I want to be conscious of the gift of being human and to the opportunity of expressing my joy and sadness. I want to wake up each morning celebrating life. Unfortunately, I wasn't doing most of that.  

I am 63, a woman, wife, mother, educator, an activist, and a little more unconscious than I want to admit about the life process now that I have clear "maturity" on my side. I knew I was walking into a new era of my life with an enormous amount of questions that I thought were just mine. I needed answers and a dialogue that made sense and would move my life forward with an experience of worth.   

Like so many of us, I've been stumbling my way through thoughts about aging since my 60th birthday. I had questions about how to proceed. The experiences of the past, that so well served me, now seemed obsolete. I wanted change. I wanted to experience my life as mattering and having vitality. I wanted to reconnect with the passion I so missed...the passion I had traded for a kind of comfortable resignation about life. If I were to tell the truth, I had become comfortably numb. When did I choose comfortably numb???

In July, I had an opportunity to invest myself in a dialogue with others in the Eldering workshop where the opportunity to explore this new chapter was available. We spoke of our own vulnerabilities in aging. We spoke about our choices and our self-expression. We shared our concerns and commitments about work and the fears of the unknown. We spoke about intimacy. We spoke about love. We spoke about the sheer numbers of people stepping into the "Baby Boomer Elder" chapter of life and the impact we have by the choices we make. The information was staggering and important. The insights were powerful.  

I left with an expanded vision of my own life and a renewed passion for living this glorious chapter. I surrendered fears of the unknown and the numbness of resignation. I discovered a way of listening that brought a deeper sense of honesty and compassion. In the end, I found a trust in myself to open fully to the magnificence of life and the sacredness of a journey that unfolds daily."
—Elizabeth Powers Brown


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